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Shandong Zhenyuan Auto Wheel Co., Ltd Annual Meeting in 2016
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On February 2, 2017,5pm, Shandong Zhenyuan Auto Wheel Co., Ltd holded a wonderful annual meeting in Cartier. There are many wonderful programs included the famous comedian Zhuolin and famous singer Yu Yueyue.

Our company was founded has been 15 years , each year's annual meeting will be held in the Lunar year.Not only invited each big factory leadership and the leadership of the bank, but also media friends all over the country to watch the party.

                 <Brilliant Shengshi>Dance performance

             Famous singer---Yu Yueyue

                   Crosstalk performer---Zhuolin

                                     The magic show

                                  The single dance

                             The Guzheng Show

                              Gore silk performance

               The Chinese Kung fu

                               The Comedy Show

                                   The acrobatics

                               Says clapper talk

   The CEO Hu aijun and his son sing song

At the end of the annual meeting, award for outstanding staff.