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Shandong Zhenyuan Auto Wheel Co., Ltd Seminar for patent products
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The CEO Hu Aijun delivered a speech

Zhenyuan founded for 15 years until now,ZHENYUAN maintains several core production technology, has the self-management import & export authority. ZHENYUAN has obtained certificates of ISO9001, TS169469, CQC, and DOT, established good relations with OEM customers both domestic and abroad. Our main customers include FAW, CNTHC, YUTONG BUS, ZHONGTONG BUS ,DONGFENG ,CHANGCHUN FAW etc.Zhenyuan company gradually recognised by the social from all walks of life. 

In 2016, Zhenyuan company achieve output and profit, respectively is 42%, 35% higher than last year, in a market economy continuously downward, the obtained result is not easy, through market research, procurement, production, sales and profit targets and so on carries on the comprehensive analysis, a conservative estimate, ZHENYUAN company will achieve output and net income higher than last year.

In recent years, ZHENYUAN company constantly increase investment in research and development strength, filed a number of invention patent, utility model patents, etc.Cooperate with Norbert intelligent equipment co., LTD., the introduction of robots, purchased the German advanced production equipment, gradually realize the digital, intelligent factory, greatly reduce the labor intensity of employees in the workshop .And employs professional consultants to guide the development of the company, strategic management and brokerage cooperation intention, to prepare for ZHENYUAN listed companies, automotive lightweight  billions industrial park production project is in progress. 

In the future, ZHENYUAN sticks to high standard of development and improve the creation and development of independent brands. We will continue to introduce advanced production lines and equipment, increase investment in research and development funds. Welcome elites to join ZHENYUAN family. Provide the high quality wheels for each customer is our purpose.  

In addition, the conference, The Department manager Tan Jiakun issued three versions.

 15 ° DC, vacuum ultra-low weight wheels

With world famous steel companies to develop special micro alloy high strength steel wheels, on the basis of the original technology using multimode optimization and topology optimization way of processing and manufacturing, our company is the first generation of 38 Kg, the second generation of 36 Kg lightweight products production has been completed, the third generation of 31.5 Kg products launched in April this year, according to the fourth generation of products, the fifth generation is developing, the ultimate goal to realize 29 Kg. This type of wheel has advantages of light quality, good heat dissipation performance. After installation greatly reduces the weight of the chassis, realize vehicle lightweight, prolong the service life of the tyre, saving energy and reducing consumption, improve the effect of green environmental protection. 

The imitation aluminum alloy wheels

It is just like aluminum alloy wheels, by using special materials multimode forming process, the production of wheels and special welding technology and so on. The wheel profile and aluminum alloy wheel similarity above 90%, greatly meet the requirements of the wheel of the popular fashion appearance; Weight is the same specification of steel wheels fell 10%, has realized the product lightweight, prolong the service life of the tire at the same time; Adopt the wind hole design, better heat dissipation performance, under the condition of cold and heat stable performance,with good performance and competitive price.

aluminum alloy wheels

Advanced forging technology, the overall shape, no weld, improve product manufacturing accuracy and overall consistency, material is lighter, better heat dissipation effect, high fabrication precision products, increase the vehicle driving stability; Wheel overall quality lighter, tire service life is longer.