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Purchase Conference In 2016
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 On January 15, 2017,Shandong Zhenyuan Auto Wheel Co., Ltd purchasing supplier annual meeting  on the third floor conference room.We invited the Shandong Toyota metal materials co., LTD., Shandong wind (group) co., LTD. and other companies, more than 60 people to attend this meeting. 
Firstly, deputy general manager zhu made report for the purchasing process, mainly from the following four aspects has carried on the analysis on one by one.

Purchasing director Hu Pengfei procurement summary for 2016 and 2017 plan to do a detailed report 
Sales of the wheels for the whole year plan in 2016, the actual sales in 554628, completed 185% of the index, up 284% from a year earlier.
Wheel monthly sales from 29200 to 59708, an increase of 204%, plan in January 2017, 2017 March break through 75000
2017 Gaols:
1. Speed up the procurement system infrastructure
2. Lean production, enhance the level of fine management
3. Upgrade the quality management system, improve the system ability to resist risks
4. Introduction of intelligent robot, intelligent propulsion plant construction

5. Accelerated cost improvement, and strive to maximize interests