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Look back 2016 Outlook for 2017
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Business, deputy general manager of Hu Aigang reporting work

Technical director Guo Zhaorong do report

Deputy general manager report Zhu Cunguo do report.

CEO  Hu Aijun do report

2016 is a successful year with struggle, it's also a harvest and test of a year, in this year our goal with super years 30% performance for 2016 ended successfully, including imitation of aluminum alloy wheels, ultra-low weight wheel has obtained national patent.

Is spanning 2017 years is also important year, according to the company of the five basic principles: continuous innovation, leading the industry development;Continuously improve product quality, to create international well-known brand;Continue the elaborating management, lean production;Advance the automation, intelligent plant construction, to industrial 4.0; Continue to carry forward spirit, dedicated to the achievement of the wheel artisans.Create ZHENYUAN treasure, include LUOUZHENYUAN and ZHENYUANBAO branch value. 
In the future, ZHENYUAN sticks to high standard of development and improve the creation and development of independent brands. We will continue to introduce advanced production lines and equipment, increase investment in research and development funds. Welcome elites to join ZHENYUAN family. Provide the high quality wheels for each customer is our purpose.