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Care workers, Indeed send warm
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On January 22nd night, a group of "an elderly sanitation workers clean the non-motor vehicle lanes dongchang road pavement seeper barefoot" photos instantly maxed out the liaocheng citizen's circle of friends, the sanitation workers moved many netizens liaocheng move time.

Sanitation workers is the city's beautician, is also the hardest.Sanitation workers often is the earliest in the city. The worse the weather, they set off early.A snow, let the whole city turn white.But when we don't know, during the night, sanitation workers and strive to "snow", for people to the morning after traveling safe;The snow melts, to avoid freezing slippery, and try their best to clean up the water.They adhere to pay, it is worth the respect and praise of the whole society.

Since 31 December to January 20, Our company to carry out activities to the sanitation workers to send warm . In liaocheng city, riverside, shuicheng group, about more than 2000 front-line work development zone sanitation workers contribute waterproof cotton gloves, cotton wading boots.