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"Prevention first, extinguish combined with prevention" company organi
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Recently, the high-tech zone right belongs to, kyushu street agency committee organized the production safety meeting, to implement the conference spirit, improve the ability of our disposal emergencies, maximum limit to prevent and reduce all kinds of damage caused by emergencies, especially enhance the ability of employees disposal emergencies, avoid chaos due to the emergency situation.
In December, on the basis of fire drill, the company invited liaocheng community fire prevention center from the instructor and 12 noon on January 7, 30 points, use of an hour, multimedia conference room on the third floor has carried on the fire prevention knowledge lecture training to all employees.




Training meeting, from the lecturer introduced electrical fires, gas fires, vehicle fire, safety the cause of the accident and fire early knowledge of self-help, a lot of let people recognize the cruel fact the importance of the safe use of production equipment, electrical appliances, gas.At the same time in detail the various fire self-help equipment use, use method and matters needing attention, to avoid cause even more damage in when the fire broke out.
The training content vivid and practical, easy to understand, case analysis thoroughly, have very strong persuasion and appeal.The spread of fire control knowledge to let everyone learned to put out the fire and save correctly, improve the staff's consciousness of fire and fire extinguishing ability of practical operation.
After the fire protection knowledge training, the company will continue the security hidden danger of self-check, right belongs to the implementation of the municipal party committee municipal government, high-tech zone government, high-tech zone, kyushu street agency committee meetings of spirit and work requirements, improve the staff's production safety consciousness and the ability to fire self-help, escape risk aversion.