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Talent Philosophy

ZHENYUAN believe in the HR objective of “respecting the human value, developing the human potential, and enhancing the human spirit”, and building ZHENYUAN into a world famous brand by all of the ZHENYUAN people’s efforts.

ZHENYUAN’s steadfast pursuit of talent is demonstrated by its cultivation of a team of talents who will attain market leadership for the company, create organizational competitiveness, drive value orientation and have a sense of purpose and responsibility, so that they support ZHENYUAN in fulfilling its strategic goals.

ZHENYUAN cares about employees’ everyday lives, their emotions and their growth.

ZHENYUAN team members value and pursue their own dreams, because if one has a dream, one will have the energy, the creativity, and the drive to exceed other organizations and other individuals, and to achieve self-realization.

Talent management is driven by company strategies and development needs. ZHENYUAN talent teams based on different talent groups are built to create a differentiated management system, complete with selection criteria, planning, recruitment, cultivation, employment, and retention management, forming a closed management loop.

ZHENYUAN promotes job rotation for employees at key positions, allowing them to gain experience across different positions, different functions and different industries thereby continually optimizing the match between individuals and positions, individuals and teams, as well as individuals and the organization, enhancing the structure and quality of the talent teams, as well as maintaining passion and energy within the organization.